Hendrickson Construction

Fox Run 

(located at 38th Ave & Fox Ct Gig Harbor, WA)


(located in Lacey, Wa)




WELCOME to Hendrickson Construction Company located in Pierce County, Washington. At HCC, we strive to be “Your Community Builder.” We look for opportunities to build family-minded homes, in unique and functional communities. It is our goal to create a pleasing, warm and welcoming atmosphere in our neighborhoods and homes. We pay close attention to details of craftsmanship and structural integrity, as well as, color and interior design. It is our first priority to create a real sense of pride in owning a home in one of our communities. We want you to drive up to your home and be able to say, “This is MY home, and I LOVE it!”  Visit one of our communities and see for yourself.

At Hendrickson Construction we support the surrounding community by buying local. Many of our construction materials are manufactured within Pierce County itself. “Made in the U.S.A.” is what’s on the label in a Hendrickson home!